Backlinks, Link Building, And Google Bowling

Getting quality and justified backlinks is not an easy task. You have concentrate hard on link building right from the day ‘one’, to make your website a successful portal.

Below are the very important top 5 strategies of how to build powerful backlinks:

Reciprocal Link Building: Concentrate hard on reciprocal link building too. Find good websites and request link exchange from those websites. Make sure those websites are quality, justified to your own site. Always ask Url link, title of the link, and description of the link.

Submit articles to Article Directories: It will be a very good idea if you write articles for your own site. Write quality, informative, and interesting articles. Add fresh contents. Fresh contents are very much liked by search engines.

Submit Press releases: Submission of press release is a very good idea. There are many free press release sites where you can actually submit your site and make others about you website specifically. This will prove beneficial to build link exchanges.

Build your own network with the help of Social Networking sites: Build your network with Social media and networking sites. Communicate and build relationships to drive in more traffic to your sites. With that, you will be able to get some good links of existing websites.

Participate in link Programs: It is always advisable to participate in link programs. There are some good link programs in which you help others to get them link and other help you.

What is Google Bowling?

So here is a new world in SEO industry. Its Google Bowling. Im sure my most of the reader are hearing this name the very first time because this is the very new name and I also came across this name few days back. Ive read some articles regarding Google Bowling so now for those of you that do not aware of what Google blowing is, let me explain this to you.

Google Bowling is basically a process by where you try to get competitors websites dropped from Google, by getting hundreds or thousands of spammy links pointing to the site. The idea is to make Google think that the site owners are trying to spam their site to the top of the search engines.

Now I have heard of companies that are apparently specialists in this field, charging a fortune to carry out this type of reverse SEO, to get sites dropped from Google. But I personally believe Google bowling is a myth. Google does drop sites in and out of its index from time to time, but I don’t think that you can affect a sites ranking by getting links to it from spammy sites.

This is the way I see it. A site owner has no control over who links to their site. If you get natural links from spammy sites how can you be penalized for it? If your site links to spammy sites, you can get penalized for that, as you do have control over who your site links to. Google likes links from quality authority sites related to your sites content. Getting links from these sites will see your site listed higher in Google, getting links from spammy sites will not in my opinion get your site dropped, it will just not get your site listed any higher. Google will basically ignore the non relevant spammy links.

So if anyone approaches you and tells you they can get your competitors site dropped from Google by using this so called Google Bowling technique, then take it with a pinch of salt. Apart from the fact that it is highly unethical, its also highly unsuccessful in my opinion.

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